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We are a multi-partisan, core group of ERA advocates headed by Idella Moore, founder of 4ERA. We are: a historian, a geologist, a community leader, a physicist, a student, an artist, an accountant, an educator, a federal employee and a philosopher. We believe that a new campaign needs a new organization committed only to the Equal Rights Amendment.

Our strategy is to increase advocacy for the ERA by extending participation in the ERA campaign beyond the realm of multi-issued women's organizations and out to the general public-- which overwhelmingly supports the ERA and whose active involvement we will need in order to succeed. 4ERA as an organization is not affiliated with any other organization and takes no stance on other issues. However, as part of our mission to build unity and increase support for the ERA, we sometimes work in coalition with other ERA endorsing organizations.

We are always seeking to add to our core group of advocates and advisors. If you are interested in becoming more involved, please let us know.

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